Experience in the use of Varicobooster

This story shared with us Amelia from the city of Mechelen (Belgium). The woman said it as well. Varicobooster she managed to save himself from the surgery of the veins.

I want to tell the story of how the cream Varicobooster save me from the surgery.

How did my suffering

It all started with the fact that I am a very careless attitude towards their health. Pain in the legs after a day and mild swelling, I do not bother. It seemed to me that this is the norm, because I'm constantly on my feet – why would they not be rooting for tonight? When I got to the doctor, I was already very strongly pronounced veins in the legs. Outwardly, it was just awful (blue-red huge bulging veins), but the physical discomfort that it brought me, and was not standing up to one aesthetic problem.

The first question I asked the doctor: where are you so far? And before that I was busy all anything, but not their health. The second question was in connection with a genetic predisposition for the development of varicose veins. Then the doctor was not mistaken: indeed, my mother, who all his life worked as a teacher, suffered from varicose veins, which she tried to treat all kinds of folk remedies. She used and pine buds, and herbal teas and even apple cider vinegar, and over all operation.

I even could not think that heredity is in the problem play at least some role, but at the end I was right. Hearing about predisposition, I was so scared that I will also have to go under the surgeon's knife that was practical words. The next question was in connection with my professional work – do not, whether it is associated with a long stay in a standing position? I have more than 10 years working as a hairdresser, and of course, all the working time spent on the feet. Hearing this, the doctor said: "I Hope that the work does not go in the heels?" I already threw in the pot: I always wear heels, because I thought it was female and beautiful, and her feet are so used to a natural position on a flat platform I would not be able to walk. I remember coming home and wearing Slippers, I need at least one hour to lie down, to step on the foot without pain.

Then, surprised by my irresponsible doctor question of when the first signs of varicose veins? I remember, especially not when I started to get tired legs were swelling and spider veins. I generally fell into a stupor, because I had no idea that this is all symptoms of problems with the veins. I thought that pain and pronounced blue veins, and there are signs of problems, and believed that I had it after pregnancy. But, it turned out that it was me for a very long time. My body desperately tried to reach me but I was blind.

As the cream Varicobooster saved me from surgery

Sitting in the doctor's office, I reproached himself in his such attention to himself that I almost cried. The doctor tried to convince me, because the survey revealed that varicose is not yet at an advanced stage, and what to get rid of it without the aid of a surgical scalpel. Then the doctor I suggested to take a vacation for a few weeks, buy special underwear constantly to compress and use the cream Varicobooster. The technician said that this is a very good balm that not one of his patient was saved from having to perform the operation for the treatment of varicose veins. I started to worry, as a lot of creams, fats and gels I had a terrible Allergy, but the doctor has me persuaded, as this means that is completely natural composition, which is almost no one cause reactions.

I calmed down a little, set yourself for a successful outcome and strictly follows the recommendations. I had not noticed how quickly my swelling began to disappear, the legs are less tired and sick, and most importantly – Vienna ceased to be scary. By the end of the course the use of my legs were completely healthy, so the doctor was allowed to return to professional activities, but I still decided to change jobs, as you would not want to risk his health.

Experience in the use of the cream Varicobooster

Now my legs are just fine, and I can wear open things, so even after long walks with the baby can not feel pain and fatigue, but for swelling I do not even remember. Maybe someone can help of my story, and I would be very pleased if someone will avoid the surgery and you will be able to cure varicose veins with cream Varicobooster.